Relating language examinations to the CEFR

In response to a growing need expressed by the users of the CEFR, the Language Policy Division developed a manual and a set of accompanying tools to be used to assist in linking local language examinations to the common reference levels of language proficiency. This publication seeks to complement these tools by providing a user-friendly introduction to the process, targeting professionals with a stake in quality language testing who are not necessarily experts in testing and assessment.

Relating an examination or test to the CEFR can best be seen as a process of “building an argument”. The publication presents five inter-related sets of procedures that users are advised to follow in order to design a linking scheme in terms of self-contained, manageable activities.

the publication

• Teachers and teacher educators
• Curriculum developers and test developers
• Policy makers and other stakeholders

The European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) is a Council of Europe institution promoting excellence in language education in its 34 member states.
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The publication offers an introduction to linking examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in a valid way. The highlights are targeted at producers of language examinations, who are less familiar with psychometric procedures and who are not (yet) assessment experts. more